Cat-elite :

 Crush aliens, cook them, feed allies !

You are a food truck in space, and you must deliver food to spaceships. But you need some ingredients for that! Quick ! Crush some aliens to cook them! You're tight on schedule, so be careful !

Controls :

- W or Z : forward

- A/D or Q/D : rotate your ship

- Spacebar : shoot meal

How to play :

- crush an alien with your truck to gain 1 ingredient

- with 3 ingredients, you get 1 meal

- shoot a meal at the customer to gain $ and more time

Once the timer is 0, it's the end of your shift. Get as much as you can !


Visual : 
Camille GICQUEL (Kami Amiga)

Developer : 
Julien POLOP (Julvador)

Music and sound effect : 
Pierre-Emmanuel MACÉ


Chat-elite : Version Windows 45 MB


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Hi there! Really cool game and especially love the art. Had some questions to the artist, but there's no way to reach them. Any socials or Discord?

Hi ! Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I worked on the visuals of the game, so perhaps I could answer your questions. You can contact me on Twitter if you'd like :