A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

John is a casual man : he has a job, a nice flat and he's in a good shape. It's a simple life, but he wants it better. He wants to live it AT HIGH LEVEL ! 
Be prepared for the most awesome week (and some rest in the week end), and never lose any honor ! 

Made for the 2018 edition of ENJAM in two (2) days 

Dev team : 

Visual Art and Animation : Malézieux "Isaak" Hugo 
Level design : Deltaplaneur
Programming : Séverin "Bata" Michaut
Programming : Horace "As_A_Dino" Ribout
Music and Sound Design : Abdoul-Jabar 'Yamakyu' Mayaki


HokutoNoJohn.app.zip 28 MB
HokutoNoJohn.zip 24 MB


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Hilarious game, full of subtle jokes and references ! Graphics are so much fun, design is very ingenious (the correspondance between the actions performed by the character and the ones by the player on his keyboard are great) and the music is very engaging.

Congrats for this game made in only 2 days !