Get heart for your boyfriend !

Movement : 
Attack :
left/right/up/down arrow

Kill zombies, get their heart, send them via mailbox to your demon boyfriend so he can survive longer. You've one (1) minute before he pass out. 

Be carefull : if you use too much your chainsaw, it will overheat and need to cooldown. Use your multiple jump to avoid the zombie while you wait.

 Good hunt !


If you want to rank/evaluate the game, ignore the introduction and outro. Both of these were made outside of the jam delay. If you want to judge the game without any bias, the original one is available to download just under this.


Made in solo for the Ludum Dare 50, in 3 days + 1 days for the intro and outro


Download 20 MB
Source file (Unity project 2020.2.2f1) 4 MB

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