A chill game about navigating from plane to plane to kite to kitten in the sky.  Move (arrow key), jump (X) and talk (C) with the kids, and have a great time  among the clouds.

Game made for the Train-Jam in 48h, on the Pico-8 console. The theme was "kite". It was our first time on Pico-8 but we had a very pleasant time! We hope that you will appreciate the game as much as we did making it. 

Visual, music and story : Alyd Asmar

Code and story : Horace Ribout

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsHoraceRIBOUT, alyd asmar
Made withPICO-8
Tagsjam, kite, PICO-8, planes, sky, strawberry, train-jam
Average sessionA few seconds


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The game is buggy, navigation is unclear...


Short but very nice game ! The visuals are grat and the gameplay is fun :) I'd love to live with them too ^^

what is the end of the game? i give 2 strawberries and i can't do nothing with the third one. pls help

The last one is for you, treat yourself and get a rest, it's important sometimes <3

(and I also forget to mention that in the last line of the fisher)

o thanks :D

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I love the cat


A very sweet tiny game! I'd love to live up there on a kite, eating strawberries :D

thank you very much kind man!


sincerely the game has some textures bugs because the character like put in the objets and i dont know the point of the game but i like the graphics :)

yes, I had some trouble to make the physics work not on square but on scrambling lines. It was hard and I had to abandon (the jam was short on time)

And the game didn't have really any point beside wandering and talking to pilot but it's okay for us to make a game like that. I hope you still enjoyed it! 


if this is so difficult its ok (dont saying that as a hater or a bad comment) because i never created a game and i give to this game and the my medal of coolness and amazingness because im the coolest dude ;)


very nice graphics, enjoyed it :)

thank you! Take a strawberry and have a nice day!