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This game was made in two day for the Touhou Jam (the theme was Cirno, a lovely character from Touhou). 

This is my first try at making a whole game on Unreal Engine, with the help of Abdoul-Jabar, sound designer, who made the music, in one sunday afternoon and tried the sound design integration with Fmod in Unreal Engine. We actually learned a lot together in such a short time and even if the game is not that much and pretty simple, everything we learned from this makes it worth it !

Music from Abdoul-Jabar "Yamakyu" Mayaki : https://yamakyu.itch.io/

The 3D model of Cirno came from : https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/touhouskyarena/model/5962/ .
(The jam didn't authorize use of exterior assets but I want to learn Unreal and cannot dedicate too much time on Blender, so, I had to compromize with the theme, maybe I didn't fit now)


TouhouRien.zip 418 MB

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