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Until Aurora is a top down shooter where you have to survive waves of enemies.
To defend yourself you can shoot light rays, the color of your attacks changes the further away your aim is from the avatar and the ripple of your attack will be greater too.

In this game you are Kenny-Billy, a strong and proud Eskimo, tormented walruses spirits have risen up and are trying to get you.
Your goal is to survive and repel as many waves as you can.

Control :

wasd/arrow : Move in directions
Left click : Throw a ray

Mouse : move aim cursor
Mouse wheel : Change the color of your attack and the ripple of your attacks.

Alternate controls for wheeless mouses :
Mouse : Move aim cursor to change color and ripple

Credits :

Bekir KILINC - UI &
Horace RIBOUT - Developpement & programmation
Clément RIGAUX - 3D
Alexandra SCHIMMICH - 3D

Made in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2017 at ICAN - Paris


Until_Aurora.zip 28 MB
Until_Aurora_Mac.zip 31 MB
Until_Aurora_Linux.zip 31 MB
Until_Aurora_v72h.zip 28 MB
Until_Aurora_v72h_Mac.zip 31 MB
Until_Aurora_v72h_Linux.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

1- Download "Until_Aurora.zip"
2- Do "Extract here" on the downloads files
3-Open the folder
4-Launch "Until_Aurora.exe" or "Until_Aurora.app" (for respectively Windows and Mac)
5-Enjoy your games !

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